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NEWFOTO Nikić Digital

FOTO Nikić Digital

Foto Nikić Digital in assortment has complete supply of signs for hotels : guidemarks and external signs, internal signs and signs of danger and warning, info tables and tiles, pictograms, room numbers, key rings, assortment of leather catering accessories and plexiglass stuff… with the previous preparation of a detailed conceptual design. With standard offer of digital printing, ID cards, promo materials, at one place you get everything you need for signification and branding of your hotel!

Special offers.

Laser engraving and cutting

Laser engraving and cutting of metals, plastics, rubber, wood, paper, glass, leather, marble ...

CNC engraving and cutting

CNC engraving on metal and other materials, as well as devices, jewelry, watches, weapons ...

Digital printing

Digital printing large (car, window, facade graphics) and small size (flyers, posters) ...

Making of ID cards

Printed ID (chip, RFID, smart) cards: PVC, magnetic, holographic protection, holders, strips ...

Promotional material

Promotional materials: pens, shirts, hats, diaries, stickers, lighters, badges ...